The Oracle Academy is registered with the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). We provide a stimulating and demanding academic programme that is child-centred. It is a curriculum that is holistic and relevant, producing lifelong learners.

A key component of our academic process is our Evaluation Programme. Assessments will be conducted weekly. An evaluation of the results will be made available to parents. Support to those learners who require it will be provided via Tutorial classes, conducted every weekday.
Islamic Programme

The Oracle Academy presents a new and exciting approach to Islamic Studies. The emphasis will be the acquisition of Life Skills of a Muslim. By way of example, learners will be taught how to prepare a Mayyiet for burial, how to perform Qurban, how to perform Nikah etc. Included in the programme is an assessment of each learner’s ability and competence to read the Qurán and perform Salaah.
A very clear and definite focus is the development of spirituality in the hearts and minds of our children.

The Oracle Academy accepts its responsibility to educate and make its learners aware of the whole spectrum of society. Once learners become aware of problems in society, they can become actively involved in solving these problems. The Oracle Outreach programme aims to heighten the social consciousness of our learners by providing assistance to charities and other community organisations.

At The Oracle Academy, the emphasis is not on sport per se, but rather on a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to wellness and well-being of all our learners. This includes their mental, spiritual and physical well being.
Our Focus

The Oracle Academy’s focus will always be the Child, understanding his/her personality, assessing his/her challenges and providing support where needed. A healthy self-esteem is the foundation for growth and learning. We aim ton inculcate in our children a love for Allah, a love for family and a love for humanity.